The Tech Companies Making Golf Smarter

Posted: May 27, 2022

Digital tools are facilitating more efficient, accessible and smarter ways to overcome operational and geographic boundaries. The integration of digital technology has improved how we book, practice and play. Listed below are some tech companies doing just that!

Your Golf Booking

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Image Credit: YGB

'The ultimate purpose built range and course management system' - Your Golf Booking.

Your Golf Booking is a leading online booking and payment system managing driving range, indoor simulator and golf course bookings. Maximise availability and revenue, avoid disappointment and queuing, and increase online exposure with YGB's useful online search tool. YGB also offer a powerful POS system for an organised and simple selling process.

Pin Seekerz

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Image Credit: PinSeekerz

‘Pin Seekerz believes that when you play golf, you should be able to play against the whole world. No matter your handicap, club, location or how snazzy your golf trousers are’. - Pin Seekerz

Providing a globalised digital sporting arena, Pin Seekerz is the first golf app that allows golfers to compete against anyone in the world, anywhere in the world and earn a ranking on the leaderboard. Alongside the ranking feature, players can enter weekly competitions to bag themselves unique prizes. 

With the backing of 2016 Masters champion Danny Willet and brand partners such as Callaway Golf, Under Armour and American Golf, it isn’t a surprise that this popular app is cementing its place in the global market. 


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Image Credit: VPAR

A premium game improvement app including round report analysis, custom hole configuration, GPS, digital scorecard and much more. 

Stop guessing how far the green is and get help selecting the right club with VPAR’s GPS system. Ariel course mapping gives distance to the green as well as hazards and course features. 

Ditch the pencil and make scoring simple with the apps e-scorecard. This feature allows you to invite friends to play a round and track scores on the live leaderboard. 

The app also enables players to learn more about their game with detailed shot and score analysis. 

My Circle

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Image Credit: MyCircle

With inclusivity at its core, this social golf app is creating an online community and brining them together on the course. Organise rounds of golf with friends, family, business contacts or other members of the app’s community.

Search players by handicap, age and profession to organise social or business networking golf games. Manage and network with your golf contacts in one place, put out requests for games and accept invitations to games or events. Members can enter local My Circle tournaments or travel further afield to play on iconic courses. 

Play More Golf

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Image Credit: PlayMoreGolf

With over 250 affiliated clubs and 12,000 members, Play More Golf is a modern approach to traditional club membership. A popular, flexible way to enjoy the game on your terms, and is particularly popular with golfers who don’t play enough golf to make a typical annual subscription to a golf club cost-effective.


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