About The project

In 2021 the UK welcomed its first BigShots, an interactive two-tier driving range with Trackman ball-tracking and integrated hospitality. BigShots recognised their need for a reliable ball management solution to sustain ball output, reduce manual labour and keep the driving range running at maximum efficiency.

Due to its durability and technical proficiency, Range Servant's system was the most effective solution for the BigShots site. Our partners at Range Servant manufactured the system and our specialist team completed the installation process.

The system has automated the washing, refilling and dispensing process so the operations team can deliver the ultimate guest experience whilst their dispensers are automatically refilled with clean golf balls through driving range automation.

The BigShots project includes;

  • Pre-Soaker4000 & BT1300 Ball Washer Combination

A freshwater pre-soak and intense washing process without the need for manual washroom labour.

  • Golf Ball Blower System

An effective solution for BigShots multiple dispensers across two levels, this system automatically transports clean golf balls from the washroom to dispensers. With in-built sensors to detect ball levels, BigShots dispensers will re-fill automatically when levels are running low.

  • Ultima Ball Dispenser

A flexible and reliable modular solution for ultimate range automation and efficiency.


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