Lichfield Golf & Country Club

Posted: August 5, 2022

The Club Company are on a mission to deliver the ultimate golf practice experience, rebranding their driving ranges to the iconic 'Strike Shack', incorporating the latest ball-tracking technology and industry products. 

The main driving range has had an extensive refurbishment including 24 bays with Toptracer Range, sensor-switch heaters and integrated benches seating. LED panel lighting, astro-flooring, golf mats, personalised bay dividers, outdoor speakers and television screens have also been fitted. 

An additional 5 bays have been separated from the main range to facilitate a private VIP experience with sharing table and upholstered bench seating, bespoke bay dividers with integrated monitors, ultra-HD 4k screens, LED panel lighting, feature RGB designs and Hiessien heaters. 

A new ball dispenser zone has also been built to facilitate an easier ball collection experience for guests away from the main driving range walkway. The dispenser has been customised with composite panelling, branded feature signage and RGB strip lighting. The previous ball dispenser zone has been replaced with contemporary toilet facilities. 

Our team have also constructed an impressive food and beverage building with adjoining patio to the rear of the driving range. The space includes a food preparation and cleaning zone with serving hatch and beer pumps. 

LED flood lighting has been fitted to the front elevation to increase outfield visibility and replace dated halogen flood lamps.


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