Gamification of the Toptracer Range

Posted: February 8, 2022

Ball-tracking giant Toptracer, is developing its gamification of the driving range experience through bold, innovative technology, elevating the entertainment value of the game to ensure players of all abilities can take part.

By cultivating new experiences like Closest To The Pin, and multi-player challenges, golfers and non-golfers alike can compete on game modes and become immersed in what the modern driving range experience has to offer.

Alongside gamification, Toptracer technology provides instant shot data for guests to review, analyse and store on their phone or tablet to track progress. 

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Toptracer Game Modes

Toptracer has nine game modes to choose from, and selections can be made based on whether a player wants to practice with purpose, or enjoy immersive games and challenges.

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Driving Challenge taps into golfers insatiable desire to hit the ball further. This challenge rewards both distance and accuracy.

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Points Game is a family-friendly target challenge for players to collect points and battle it out on the group leaderboard.

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My Practice encourages players to dig deeper into their golf bag. This mode is designed to track the nuance of each club and record distance stats for players to store.

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Virtual Golf gives players access to some of the worlds most iconic courses from the bay of a local driving range. Single players or groups have access to a full 18 hole Play District.

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Closest to Pin is a traditional golfing challenge with a 21st century twist, allowing players to compete against each other whilst working on their approach.

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Warm Up is Toptracer's comprehensive launch monitor training mode and provides vital shot insights such as distance, carry and ball speed.

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Go Fish is virtual aquarium where players hit shots at targets to collect 24 different sea creatures, designed as part of Toptracer's recent improvements to create a diverse and far-reaching appeal.

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Approach Challenge tests players accuracy in a pin-seeking game where consistently close approach shots are rewarded.

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Long Drive brings the World Long Drive Championship to the driving range. Who really can hit it further?

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Image Credit: Toptracer

Toptracer Range is the ultimate practice tool, taking the guesswork out of range sessions by offering an engaging, data-driven experience that appeals to everyone. Post-installation, Toptracer surveys suggest that range operators are seeing increased demand, improved guest experience and consistent business growth, indicating how this revolutionary technology is improving the driving range experience for both new and existing golfers.

When speaking about the 'Go Fish' launch, Ben Sharpe, Toptracer President explained:

"We want to make the game of golf more accessible for everybody, not just the regular golfer. This is the next step in our journey to grow the game among traditional and non-traditional audiences and introduce younger people to our sport in an entertaining and engaging way, that’ll keep them coming back for more. Our ongoing goal is to build an environment filled with traditional and non-traditional golfers who enjoy the game on their terms".

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