Driving Range Outfield Solutions

Posted: March 16, 2022

Well-designed driving range outfields create dynamic and exciting experiences to challenge players of all abilities. The outfield comes with unlimited possibilities to take the practice experience to the next level. 

The emergence of golf entertainment venues is drawing golfers and non-golfers alike, so it is important to keep the outfield engaging for its captive audience, and develop meaningful and realistic target challenges. 

Let's take a look at how different venues are utilising their outfields to bring a new dynamic to the practice experience. 

Topgolf, Watford

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Image Credit: Topgolf

Topgolf have incorporated sunken, netted greens, with a coloured artificial turf outline to define distance and create engaging practice entertainment through their game mode features.

The shapes range from smaller, circular greens to more advanced multi-sectional targets to provide an inclusive experience for guests of all skill levels.

World of Golf, Wimbledon

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Image Credit: World of Golf

Traditional grass outfield design and landscaping can be impractical in the UK, with muddy wet ground limiting green and rough delineation. The use of synthetic materials such as artificial turf, combat these climatic challenges, meaning the driving range outfield is not affected by seasonal changes.

This impressive, elevated-green configuration showcases how successful synthetic designs can be.

Silvermere Golf & Leisure, Surrey

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Image Credit: Silvermere Golf & Leisure

Silvermere Driving Range has re-created an iconic pitching drill, derived from Tour coach Mike Bender. Developing a drill to refine Zak Johnson's distance control, Bender installed concrete blocks on the outfield to hit in succession.

On Johnson's first session, it took 168 shots to hit each block. As training progressed he achieved a personal best, hitting all the blocks in only 50 shots; and later went on to win the Masters. Johnson's wedge play is now considered one of the best on Tour. 

The Silvermere Wedge Range emulates this drill, offering a similar distance and target set-up, challenging players to improve their short game in a series of square-seeker challenges. 

Top of the Rock, Missouri

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Image Credit: Top of the Rock

Nestled within the Ozark Mountains, this sprawling myriad of bunkered greens is a true example of green-keeping prowess. The outfield doubles up as a chip and putt after hours, and exclusive guests can play the impressive par 3 course.

Erewash Valley Golf Club, Ilkeston

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Image Credit: Erewash Valley Golf Club

This recently upgraded driving range outfield has retained a traditional design to compliment the existing golf course, with undulating landscape and elevated distance markers for players to view up to 300 yards. Golf outfield targets are positioned roughly 100 yards from the hitting bay for players to develop their short game.


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